Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pleasant Hiking

And now for something completely different. No, I shall NOT spend my time here blubbering about my lack of a meaningful job, speaking of which....

Ahem. Today I hiked the 3.5 mile Point Pot Loop in the Tennessee River Gorge with my friend Brady, and it was a very interesting walk. The trail allegedly climbs 1,000 feet from the Tennessee River to Laurel Point, but Brady and I doubt that figure. It was an easy climb for the most part, leading to a wonderful rock city with the real bluffs still above us. A nice winter day when the poison ivy, serpents, and spiders were all gone would be a great time to visit this spot, and perhaps to scale the rest of the mountain, but today we headed down the jeep road that provided the descent back to the river. It was a long walk through the thick woods and weeds to the Point Pot House, where had begun, with memorable stretches of mud and waist-high weeds. Again, winter might be the time to visit.

We washed the mud (and any chiggers, I hope!) in a handy stream before speeding off into the sunset.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tough Times at the Office

I have not been enjoying my job lately. What is my job? I thought it was to help faculty and students make the most of technology, but some faculty don't seem to think much of that idea. I have never felt less appreciated for the work I've done and more powerless to make a positive difference.